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Hair Bundle Packaging

Hair extensions have become an essential beauty item. They give effortless beauty to women and diminish the time of hair styling. Hair extensions are a costly product. They can spoil and damage due to the carelessness in packaging. That’s why we suggest the usage of custom hair extension boxes. They shield the hair extension against all odds and help to outstand the brand’s products. You can print hair extension boxes with logo and use them successfully for the brand’s advertisement. At iCustomBoxes, our talented team of designers knows how to create a branded box for you.

Customize a Right Sized Hair Extension Boxes with Our Designer’s Assistance

The right-sized box is the necessity of good packaging.  Hair extensions come in various lengths, requiring a custom-sized box accordingly.  Long-sized hair extension packaging in a small box also looks unattractive and chaotic. The products are also at risk of getting damaged. That’s why we craft an exact box following the product’s dimensions.  Ultimately, the products stay protected inside the box and look professional.  You can share product details with our team, and they will produce an error-free box per the client’s demands.

What are the Perfect Printing Methods for Quality Prints?

Printed hair extension boxes have more weight than plain boxes. We design both types of boxes per the client’s request. We at iCustomBoxes use advanced printing machines and tools for long-lasting and captivating prints. Our printing techniques include the following:

Offset printing method:

This is the most common and primitive printing procedure. However, it costs more and takes time to produce results. However, it is a reasonable option for bulk quantity prints.

Digital printing method:

In contrast to offset, the digital process is modern. It produces prints with a very quickest turnaround. We suggest opting for this method when you have fewer prints.

Screen printing:

Screen printing has very occasional usage. We apply this method at the request of the customers.

Drive Out the Buyer’s Attention with Trendiest Box Styles

It’s a fact that human nature is attracted to something that looks attractive. The unique and creative custom hair extension boxes are a wonderful way to enhance the appearance of the hair bundle packaging wholesale. On the one hand, an exclusive box’s design looks captivating and helps establish the brand’s distinct identity. You will see that all the well-established brands have signature box designs that differentiate them from their competitors. However, we design hair extension boxes in the following styles:

  • Reverse tuckend boxes
  • Magnetic box with closure
  • Hair extension box with die-cuts
  • Hair extension box with hang tabs
  • Pillow packaging

Design Pillow Box Packaging for Secure Product Encasing

Hair extension packaging in the pillow-shaped box gives a very classy look. It is the best box design to pack a single product’s packaging. It encases the products safely. Hair extensions are more likely to get wet due to moisture and sun heat. The product remains compacted inside the pillow box and protects from environmental factors. You can print the cardboard pillow box with the brand’s logo or add other details related to the company or product. Additionally, you can create an engaging hair extension pillow box with additional features like hang tabs and die-cuts.

Enhance the Product’s Value with Sustainable Box Packaging

After analyzing the threats of global warming, brands and consumers have become environmentally conscious. They prefer green packaging over non-eco-friendly boxes. Another important aspect of our custom hair extension boxes is that they are 100% climate-friendly. Kraft, cardboard and rigid are the most suitable solution for recyclable hair packaging.

Embellishment of Hair Extension Gift Boxes with Detailed Finishings

Hair extension boxes are usable for various purposes. Some brands used them for product display and brand advertisement as well. These are also used for gift purposes. We know how to craft boxes for individual purposes.  As for as gift packaging is concerned, you can choose a rigid box and print it with the name of the giftee. The coating of prints with foil stamping and spot UV prominent the pattern. Besides, multi-color ribbons and stickers can also do magic to complement the gift packaging.

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