What should you know about custom beverage packaging? explanation:

custom beverage packaging

Custom beverage packaging explanation

Having a box for almost all types of products is very important whether these products are in solid or liquid form. So, as the name custom beverage packaging suggests that these are the packaging for the different liquid products. There are millions of products in the market so do their unique packaging types. Most of the brands are using a reliable form of boxes for their product packaging. These boxes are not only protecting the products but are creating a unique sense for their products. Therefore, having packaging boxes that are best for solid materials is also somehow best for liquids as well. Thus, when you as a packaging brand want to look attractive in the market start using custom beverage packaging by Gator Packaging. These boxes are typically great for different liquid products that make themselves unique on retail shelves.

So, there are multiple types of beverage packaging that brands can use for their products. These are made of glass, plastic, or aluminum foils that are best for securing liquid products. Sometimes these boxes are not liquid proof for example you cannot pour liquid directly into these boxes but you can put your liquid bottles in these boxes. Thus, your liquid bottle whether it is of glass or plastic remains safe during any kind of traveling.

Types of beverage packaging:

Once you have decided to open a beverage shop, you have to decide what type of product you are going to use for your packaging. This will also decide the look of a box, whether you want to make a box that has a simple box or a shiny one. Or it can also be the type of box that you are going to need for your product packaging. So, it all depends on what type of material and printing techniques or design you are going to do on it. Moreover, the very important thing to keep in mind while having a box for your liquid items is to check the material. Because once you packed your liquid product there is a high chance that it can get contaminated or the box can get damaged by any pressure.

custom beverage packaging

So, choose the box that can make your product a safe and secure one from moisture or heat. There are many types of packaging that you can use for your products. Some of the following’s beverage boxes are:

Beverage boxes:

These boxes are called low-carbon packaging solutions and are easily recyclable. These boxes are made of paperboard or high-quality paper which is very helpful in protecting the product.

Metal boxes:

When you decided to have metal boxes for your beverages, these are made up of aluminum cans. These cans are very lightweight and easily biodegradable. Moreover, these metal cans are best for longer shelf lives.


The third type of packaging for your liquid products can be plastic pouches. These pouches are very much helpful in packing multiple products because they are very lightweight. But one thing about these boxes is that they have less lifetime than metal or glass cans.


The last type of box is glass. It is usually called one of the oldest packaging that has been used for years. These glass cans are highly secure and have a longer shelf life if they keep with care.

Beverage box size:

Whenever a manufacturing company is up for making boxes for liquid products, they must keep certain things in mind. One of them is the size of a box for their desired product. If you are a big store and manufacturing the products in bulk. There is no hard and fast rule for the box size. You can customize a box according to your product choice. There are many industries nowadays offering a wide range of customization options to their customers. thus, experts can manufacture the product boxes according to their own choice.

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But before making a box experts have to check some important things for example to understand the basic needs of their customers. For example, some brands want a carton of six bottles box and some want twelve or twenty-four. So, it is up to the customer’s requirement or the type of drink you are selling as a brand.

Select the style of the box:

The next step is to check the style of your box whether either it should be simple or stylish. For example, some customers love to have simple boxes like brown cartons they will give a luxury feel to the boxes. As there are thousands of different types of designing that you can use for your beverage boxes. Because every other customer love to buy a thing that will give them a luxury feel. The style of a box is one of the main things that can make your business attractive and unique. This will ultimately increase the sales of your brand and make it a leading brand.

custom beverage packaging

Be unique:

Whenever you are manufacturing a box, you have to keep certain things in mind. One of them is being unique in nature for your beverage boxes. By keeping multiple aspects in mind as a brand you can make a difference in the market. So, when you are using unique and attractive styles for your beverage boxes you are attracting more and more customers. That’s why being unique helps your brand to grow differently and helps you to have more and more sales.

Select the box shape:

Another thing to keep in mind is to decide the packaging shape according to the beverage bottle of your brand. There are multiple types of boxes, for example, using cartons, with creative shapes helps you a lot in making a difference. That’s why every other brand is trying to focus on the shapes rather than any other thing for their beverage boxes. Thus, maintaining your brand between being a unique one in shape and keep on checking your cost-effectiveness is very important.

Summing up

Thus, having custom beverage packaging for your products with unique sizes and shapes can help your brand to have a unique look.

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