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pashmina shawl for wedding

Do you have wedding party to attend this autumn or fall or are you getting married? If yes, then this article is for you if you want your style quotient to stand out from the rest. Before we attend weddings, or we are the bridesmaid or the bride itself we all think which outfit can we wear which will make us stand out from the crowd? Right. Sometimes a pashmina shawl for wedding can change your entire outfit. Think about it.

Most of us focus on the dress which you should), jewellery, makeup hair but none focus on shawl. Most people you can see carrying a shawl that does not complement their outfit in anyway wearing it and also spoiling the entire look. In this article we will explore how you can style pashmina shawls for wedding which will compliment your outfit.

Before we get into the styling part let us first understand why is Pashmina so special?

Pashmina is a rare fabric that keeps you warm without pricking your skin and looks beautiful. The wool of Pashmina comes from Chatangi goats that are found only in the Kashmir region and Mongolia. The price tag for real pashmina is hefty as these goats are rare and when the skin from their underbelly is taken and woven to pashmina wool, that particular fabric is the most expensive one as compared to wool from other body parts. Weaving the collected skin to pashmina is also a labour intensive job and highly skilled labourers are required to turn it to a beautiful pashmina shawl. Thus you can understand why a pure pashmina will be expensive.

Styling of Pashmina Shawl

  • If you are a bridesmaid and you have attend a couple of functions like Sangeeta, Haldi, the Wedding and Reception. You can use your pashmina shawl instead of dupatta to keep you warm and also make you stand out from the crowd. They are light weight so if you are dancing, it will not add further weight. Plus during winters, it will be good for you to cover yourself with something warm. Pashmina shawls are the best options to keep you looking stylish and warm.
  • If you have to attend a wedding and you have super busy to buy anything fancy, pashmina shawls will come to your rescue. Pashmina shawls look like royalty and it can spice up your entire outfit. If you are opting to wear a silk sari or suit just see that the colour of the pashmina shawl complements your dress. Even if the outfits are not too fancy, if you pair it with pashmina shawl and jewellery and do good makeup you will surely make heads turn.
  • If you are a bride yourself, there will be several functions to attend, before and after the wedding. If you are getting married in winter, make sure to invest in pashmina shawls, as they will keep you warm and yet you can wear them for such occasions for their beauty. You can pair them with almost all outfits, just see that the colour complements them and you will be good to go. Also for wedding you need to gift to other family members.

Pashmina shawl is the best gift for both men and women as these shawls are universally loved and admired by everyone.

Things to keep in mind before investing in Pashmina Shawl

  • Although pashmina, is a very common bridal accessory, finding and purchasing a real one may be very challenging. While buying, you have to make sure that you are obtaining the best possible object in that particular budget. There may be a lot of Pashmina vendors in the market, but it is very challenging to identify the real ones. If you have the opportunity to purchase pure pashmina and your budget allows it, do not pass it up. While buying in bulk, the sellers might think about negotiating.
  • Try to buy the pashmina shawls in large quantities from the dealer. You might need a lot of it at any wedding for giveaways, thank-you gifts, or party favours. This will allow you to negotiate a reduced price also!
  • Consider the colour of the dress when choosing the Pashmina’s colour. The shawl should match the colour of the gown, whether it is worn by the bride or a bridesmaid. The majority of well-known wedding designers advise choosing soft hues, especially beige, cream, and pure white.
  • Most brides prefer to wear classic tassels for their wedding, however styles with hemmed edges and open fringes are also common.

Thus you can see pashmina shawls are rare and is an excellent gift for yourself or others. You can find the best pashmina shawls from brands like Angela Jey who are reputed in selling 100% authentic pashmina products.


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