Is SUP boarding Good Exercise?

is SUP boarding  good exercise

If you are a fitness enthusiast and enjoy SUP board? Are you wondering is SUP boarding  good exercise? Trains, cars and planes are all connected to each other. SUP paddling board offers a completely different view of the world. With a minimal carbon footprint, getting your board is an excellent method of slowing down and observing the world regardless of where you are. It also gives you two benefits of cardio and fitness that you’ll be grateful for. This is the reason why SUP is an excellent exercise option and should be on the priority list to travel around the globe.


Stand-up paddle board (SUP) is an water-based sport that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. The paddle is utilized by individuals to get up and moving forward, sitting (or sometimes sitting) in the water on their board. “It is basically sitting in the middle of the board, with your feet at shoulder width and then propelling yourself across the water using an oar that is long,” SUP enthusiast Nicky Collins says to the Guardian.


Yes, stand-up paddle-boarding can be an excellent exercise. It’s not often you’re able to experience a wide range of workouts including upper body strengthening to leg exercises and strengthening your core. Additionally, it’s an easy and enjoyable exercise to engage in. This is the reason you should not go to the gym and go to the nearest lake instead (or better than that, travel the globe to do this):

SUP board is extremely easy

The primary draw of stand-up paddle-boarding [SUP] is its simple beauty. It doesn’t matter what your body’s shape, size and fitness levels. It’s easy enough and everyone is able to participate. Are you skeptical? SUP pro Lizzie Carr tried paddle boarding for the first time only two years before becoming the very first to cross the entire length of England by canals. “I’m determined to show that anyone is able to enjoy an adventure,” she declared in 2000. “What I’m doing , is something anyone could accomplish.”

SUP Boarding can burn off a lot of calories

What you can gain by stand-up paddle boarding is contingent on how much exertion you’re willing to put in it. And the longer you spend in the water the more energy you’ll consume. A simple paddler could consume 430 calories in an hour, according to SUP World Mag. This is roughly twice the amount you’d burn when walking at a moderate pace in the same time. Make your stand-up paddle-boarding experience into an exercise course and burn around 540 calories within an half an hour, or less. an hour of SUP excursion (paddling for many miles, without stopping at a moderate speed) results in 708 calories burned comparable to SUP surfing (like surfing in the ocean, however using paddles).

SUP board is fantastic for core fitness

Do you wish to get your core working without the strain and pain that comes with a plank? Stand-up paddle boarding could serve as your guide. It’s a fantastic way to measure your abdominal muscles at speeds, since your abdominal muscles are always in action to aid you in trying to keep your balance. It’s more relaxing and relaxing exercise as opposed to, for instance the seated twist of a barbell but you’ll surely notice the benefits whenever you try it. “The more rocky the water the more you need to maintain your posture and well-balanced, which is good to strengthen your core” Nicky says. Nicky. “It’s ideal for having a flat stomach too. I’ve never had a six-pack prior to but it’s here.”

SUP board assists in building the body’s strength

Beyond the base, SUP is also a great all-around workout for the body. It’s a test of endurance and strength, which requires the majority of the parts that make the body and be able to support its weight. When you’re sailing on the shore, your quadriceps shoulder, arms and knees work together to allow you to propel yourself forward. Leg muscles are also at their game to help in maintaining your stability. However, you don’t feel any pain the as you would in the gym, since you’re distracted by the motion of floating across water. It’s an excellent cross-training device which offers fitness and aerobic training.


Stand-up paddleboarding isn’t just about burning calories, but also. It’s also a fantastic way to exercise because of its numerous benefits. SUP is an exclusive serene quality that results from the ability for slowing and being able to see things in a slow and precise way. Wherever you are, you can use SUP to enjoy the beauty of nature and take into the beauty of the landscape in a new way. Here’s more details on the benefits of SUP:

SUP board is simple to master and it is a great way to relax.

You should not be thinking about the weight-lifting regimen that is heavy-duty. SUP can help you get in shape, but without the negative repercussions that come with other workouts that are focused on the strength. It’s also more straightforward to, for instance skiing, and less daunting than surfing. It’s up to you what degree of intensity you’d like to take on (current and speed may influence the result) but it’s a great sport for those who love relaxing after a long day of fitness. With the stunning landscape it’s an excellent opportunity to unwind and relax. You will feel more energetic by jumping in the water whenever it gets too hot.

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SUP Boarding takes you into the wild

In addition to being a form of activity, stand-up paddleboarding is also about enjoying. It allows you to be immersed in the world of nature while enjoying the sun’s warmth over your shoulder and with the sea spreading all around. It’s a calming and enjoyable experience that will bring you in touch with the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature. “Nature is a powerful force to restore calm and clarity” Lizzie says. Lizzie. Her canal trip , as per her it was an opportunity to feel “a peace and peace in the midst of often crowded urban spaces”.


SUP board lets users explore all the planet in a manner that is simple for you to master.

SUP provides you with an exercise that is full of body within some beautiful landscapes. When you see things from the sea, you get a completely new perspective. You can also make use of it to expand your perspective of travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re paddling along a huge river in the Philippines or gazing at the enormousness of central Europe paddling up in the air gives you a different and more tranquil viewpoint. It’s a unique approach to watching wildlife and taking in the beauty of our rivers and lakes and coastlines. It can also help you enjoy the pleasures of slow travel and the enjoyment of slow-travel.

SUP board is a sport that offers the ideal cooling down

We find that the most enjoyable workouts is those that finish with a moment of relaxation this is definitely the case for stand-up paddle board. If you feel like you’ve done enough to feel comfortable, just sit back and take a soak in the sun. Relax after which you can splash water over your body to cool off or engage in an unplanned water fight with your SUP neighbour (#yolo). It is possible to paddle board anywhere all over the world. even in the same spot the conditions for wind and water may vary, and this is an sport where two sessions can ever be exactly the same. Therefore, you can sit back and unwind and enjoy this relaxing activity.

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