Important Signs Of Protein Deficiency

Protein Deficiency

Your body needs various kinds of vitamins and minerals to function well. For example, protein is an essential component that helps the body’s growth and development. Of course, you already know that Perfect Sports Protein helps keep you full and satisfied throughout the day and helps build muscles, but it does much more than it’s given credit for. Protein lives in every part of the body, from the cells to the bones, and it keeps functioning at all levels. 

A lack of protein in your diet can lead to deficiencies which can cause many diseases and disorders. But here’s a catch: Protein deficiency is rare in an average person with access to different foods since these foods have various vitamins and minerals in them. However, some people might still be protein deficient. To know more about protein deficiency, continue reading. 

Why Is Protein Essential For Your Body? 

Protein is a complex macronutrient that has a number of responsibilities. First, it provides amino acids your body needs to function, not just for those who hit the gym and sports regularly, but also for everyone. A lot of things in your body are made of protein, which the body can’t make on its own but the food you eat. It contains 20 amino acids responsible for the smooth functioning of tissues, muscles, bones, blood, the immune system, etc. 

That’s why it is important to have a balanced diet with adequate vitamins and nutrients so your body can derive protein. You can also take Perfect Sports supplements to maximize your body’s protein level. If you don’t get enough protein from your food, your body might become protein deficient over time. Here are a few important signs of protein deficiency that you should not ignore. 

  1. Protein Craving: If your body doesn’t get enough protein in a short period of time, your body will literally start craving it. You will feel like having food that is highly rich in protein, such as a bowl of lentil soup. Listen to your bodily needs and cravings and eat up. Sometimes you might also crave sugar because the food you eat may be full of carbohydrates but less protein, which decreases the sugar level. The key to eating protein with carbohydrates is to eat food products that are sweet in nature. 
  2. Hunger: As mentioned earlier, protein helps build muscles and keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. If you find yourself getting hungry, it means that you didn’t get enough protein that day. The lesser the protein intake, the more hungry you will get because protein decreases the level of a hunger hormone and stimulates the production of the hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied. Thus, not getting enough protein will increase your hunger and cause you to eat more. So, make sure you have an adequate balanced diet or supplements like Perfect Sports protein to avoid getting hungry very often. 
  3. Fatigue And Weakness: For most people who eat less over the course of the day, their protein intake will also be less. This won’t make you weak or low on energy and strength if you get sufficient calories on that day. However, in the long run, your body will break down the muscles to supply an adequate amount of protein, leading to a loss of energy and strength. Many doctors say fatigue and weakness are the first two earliest signs of protein deficiency. While the symptoms of protein deficiency can be found in younger people, it can be worrisome for older adults.
  4. Muscle Loss: You must be a gym enthusiast or an athlete, and it’s common for you to go through injuries, sprains, etc. If your body doesn’t get enough protein, it won’t be able to rebuild itself properly, and it will also start losing muscle mass. Amino acids present in protein are necessary for bodily functions like the creation of enzymes and tissue repair. In case of protein deficiency, the body extracts protein from muscles for bodily functions, which leads to muscle loss. So you must eat food rich in protein. Gym enthusiasts and sportspersons can take Perfect Sports pre-workout supplements for protein enrichment. 
  5. Hair, Nail, And Skin Problems: A lot of people complain about skin aging, hair fall, or brittle and soft nails. A study showed that people who consume less than half of the daily recommended protein (meaning they are severely protein deficient) are noted to have hair and skin issues, including acne, hair loss, melasma, and premature aging. Protein acts as a building block component for healthy skin, nails, and hair, so it’s important that you take protein in a sufficient amount. If you are protein deficient, you should eat food products rich in protein and supplements of perfect sports diesel protein
  6. Impaired Immune System And Bone Fracture: Protein is vital for our body as it builds the component of our immune system. If your protein intake is low, your immune system may weaken over time. The weak immune system may affect wound healing over time by slowing down the repair of cells and tissues in the body. Protein also helps make up the structure of cells, including the cells in bones. So, the lower protein level in the body can also cause bone fractures. This is more common in older adults with a higher risk of complications. So, sufficient protein intake is necessary for people of every age group. 

Protein-Rich Food Sources To Add To Your Diet

Protein is an essential macronutrient that our body requires for various functions. Almost all food sources have protein in them, but they might not have an equal amount of protein that can meet your needs. Since most people aren’t truly protein deficient, it’s still important to boost the amount of protein level through food products. There are a variety of food products that are highly rich in protein. What’s important is that you are getting all the nine important amino acids every day in your diet. 

A complete protein, which has most of the amino acids, can be derived from animal-based products such as meats, dairy, eggs, casein, and whey protein. For example, perfect Sports whey protein provides a significant amount of amino acids needed to carry out basic functions of the body. But not everyone eats animal-based food, as they can be either vegan or vegetarian. In that case, they can take plant-based food products like rice, lentil soup, chickpea, quinoa, avocados, almonds, etc. 

Food Sources Units
Lean Beef 22 grams (3-ounce serving)
Chicken 27 grams (3-ounce serving)
Salmon 19 grams (3-ounce serving)
Eggs  6 grams (1 large egg)
Peanut Butter 7 grams (2 tablespoon)
Pasta 8 grams (1 cup cooked)
Cottage Cheese 12 grams (½ cup serving)
Lentil Soup 18 grams (1 cup cooked)
Avocado  3 grams (Sliced)

Wrapping Up

Protein is an essential component of the body as it helps in bodily growth and function. It’s present in every part of the body, but you must take food rich in protein. So the body doesn’t have to extract protein from the bones, cells, and muscles. If the body doesn’t get enough protein, it will affect your health and also make your protein deficient.

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