How To Wear Jewellery Properly With A Silk Saree

How To Wear Jewellery Properly With A Silk Saree

Without a question, silk sarees rank among a woman’s wardrobe’s best gems. Every woman saves her silk sarees for ages since they are fairly pricey and attract a lot of attention. Even while silk sarees appear to be pretty complete on their own, adding jewels may take that attractiveness to entirely new heights.

Choosing the appropriate accessories for a silk saree is a difficult undertaking. A saree’s beauty may be enhanced by jewellery in countless ways. The following jewellery styles look fantastic with a silk saree. Let’s examine each of them now:

Choosing Jewellery for Silk Sarees: A Guide

Jewellery Made Of Temple Gold And Silk Saree

Everyone has witnessed how beautiful South Indian brides appear on their wedding day. Maybe you were drawn to their lovely temple gold jewels. Temple jewellery has a devoted following, especially when worn with sarees made of kanjivaram silk. Such jewellery is appropriate for any traditional occasion when worn with a silk saree. Making a statement by layering other pieces of jewellery over temple jewels is another option. Regardless of a woman’s cultural background, the temple jewellery style is ideal for all of you gorgeous individuals out there!

Jewellery with a silk saree by Kundan

One of the finest depictions of monarchy is the Banarasi silk saree. When worn with a silk saree, kundan jewellery produces a classic appearance and adds the finishing touch of elegance. A Kundan saree will make Banarasi silk sarees stand out, especially since they have a shimmering finish. To make your clothing more dramatic, you may also add a Maangtika to it. Whether you’re the bride or a visitor, kundan jewellery sets will complement your Banarasi saree appearance like no other piece of jewellery.

Jewellery in Emeralds and Silk Saree

Do you have any silk sarees in white, off-white, or beige colours in your collection? Wearing green emerald jewellery with your saree would turn heads your way. Embellishments made of emerald would add some variety to boring golden jewellery when worn with a lovely silk saree. Wearing a bun and avoiding wearing large earrings can help you keep your outfit balanced. A advantage is that pairing this type of jewellery with a silk saree allows you to be creative. Pair your emerald jewellery with a pearl or Kundan necklace of a different length to add depth to your accessories.

Silk Saree with Pearl Jewellery

Want to look stylish by pairing a silk saree with jewellery? It’s for you! Pearl jewellery sets can help you style your silk saree like an expert! The accessories complement pastel-colored sarees well. To get a layering look, use necklaces of various lengths and beads of various sizes. Generally speaking, any silk saree will look fantastic when accessorised with a simple, one-color beaded necklace.

Silver Coin Jewellery and Silk Saree

Young woman, we suspect you have a sizable collection of contemporary jewels. Do you think these jewelleries seem out of place with the silk saree? Rethink that!

Silk sarees and coin jewellery go well together when designed creatively. Wear a coin choker and a hair bun to go with your traditional saree for a polished appearance.

Jewellery With Silk Saree and Diamonds

Will you be wearing a silk saree to your wedding? Wearing stunning diamond jewellery with a silk saree on your wedding day will ensure that you appear genuinely royal. Silk sarees and diamond necklaces have a dreamlike quality. You may add depth to your look by adding diamond necklaces of various lengths.

Additional advice on how to accessorise a silk saree with jewellery

It is time to discuss the useful advice that may help them blend in with your appearance now that you have a thorough grasp of the varieties of Kundan ornaments and pearl necklaces that may be accessorised with silk sarees.

Purchase something that complements the border of your saree. When selecting your jewellery, keep in mind the border of the silk saree to achieve the ideal aesthetic. For instance, oxidised jewellery looks spectacular with monochromatic sarees, whereas Kundan jewellery appears exquisite with silk sarees that have golden borders. By combining various diamonds with the border of your saree, you may create an entirely distinct appearance.

When wearing jewellery with a silk saree, you should be mindful of the size. When wearing a silk saree, try to stay away from bulky jewellery to preserve the elegance of these traditional clothes. Chokers or multiple necklaces may add elegance while keeping your ensemble understated.

When wearing jewels with a silk saree, consider the draping manner.

Confused about how jewelery selection is impacted by drapery? Because your saree’s drape symbolises your culture, you should wear accessories that do the same. A free pallu looks wonderful with a long necklace with a pendant, whereas a pleated pallu looks fantastic with a choker or collarbone necklace.

It all comes down to finding the ideal jewellery to go with the silk saree. Any Indian woman must have a saree in her wardrobe. Wearing this clothing enhances the wearer’s individuality and exudes femininity at its finest while giving off an aura of nobility. Your wearing jewelery to increase its adaptability merely makes it better!

We appreciate you reading our tutorial, and good luck. We really hope you found it relevant, helpful, and educational. Check out some of our other articles to get a taste of everything stylish.

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