How Do You Look Slimmer Wearing Shalwar Kameez?

Shalwar Kameez

In terms of traditional attire, nothing is comparable to the elegance in Shalwar kameez or Patiala suits. With the wedding season and the festive season just around the corner we’re sure that you’re planning on buying some ethnic clothes for important occasions such as celebrations, weddings or other social events. The greatest aspect of this particular design is the fact that you can wear it to any occasion, from casual wear to formal celebrations!

But, many women shy away from wearing traditional Indian costume because they are afraid it’ll only show off their bigger frames. It’s true that a properly-fitted Shalwar kameez suit will flatter anybody elegantly, with a little assistance from the right shops and a range of tricks that aren’t widely known, it is possible to make the outfit work for you, not against you. If you live in the USA and would like to buy Pakistan Clothing Online in the USA you must get in touch with

Select A Darker Shade

If you’re looking to appear slimmer and taller when wearing an Indian dress, you should to choose darker shades. The darker shades will to make your figure appear slimmer even if you’re heavier. The lighter colors are a way of making you appear larger than you really are, especially when there are a lot of things over your body. We suggest shades such as dark green, black brown, black and navy blue!

Beware Of Horizontal Stripes And Stripes

Remember to match prints that are contrasted in tone to match your own skin. Pair them with silhouettes that are of the similar height to your own or slightly larger over your frame. They include capes, dresses as well as blazers and jumpsuits with striking stripes on the vertical, paisley patterns and plaids that will make you appear to be longer.

Prints That You Put On Are Meant To Complement Your Outfit And Not Distract From It

For instance, when wearing vertical stripes that create the illusion of lengthening your body by making it appear taller, it’s an excellent method to play with proportions and make your body appear thinner in certain instances. If you’re looking for prints that exude the luxury and comfort of the materials we recommend broadcloth as an elegant and timeless look that is stylish and doesn’t be distracting from other items in your attire.

With regards to horizontal prints, they can make an outfit more imposing particularly if you’re wearing them with a lot of patterns or vibrant hues. Avoid prints that are loud as they could overwhelm the whole outfit or cause people’s eyes to absorb.

Select A Fabric That Is Lighter

When you are choosing fabric for your clothes or garments you should opt for lighter fabrics instead of heavy ones. You shouldn’t opt to a dress that is similar to real silk since its heavy and will not allow your clothes to wrap around your body in the way that something lighter would allow.

Choose the right Kameez Length

If, for instance, you’re taller the wearing of an oversized kameez and the skirt will make you appear larger than you actually are. We recommend more of a masculine look by wear a blazer or button up with tailored pants, not things like tights or leggings. For taller women, we recommend wearing kurtas in conjunction with trousers or an a-line dress instead of anything too short since it will to create a sense of depth in the lower portion of your body.

Always Keep Heels

There’s no reason not to wear your most comfortable heels with your Shalwar kameez however, if you’re looking for a way to up-level your flat-wear you can pair the heels of your outfit. In addition, wearing heels can make look taller and comfortable – and showing your legs is always an excellent idea! The most effective way to achieve the height of heels without feeling like you’re wearing a brick on your feet is to opt for heels that are chunky.

How Can I Appear Slimmer In Chudi?

Fashion-wise, it’s not going to make sense to stand out from the crowd. In addition, heels can improve your posture however, it could aid in enhancing how slimmer you appear. For a more attractive appearance, whether you’re walking and sitting, you’ll need to ensure that your hemline is at least a little above your knee, or more. This allows anyone who is who is looking at you to compliment both your height and length without any effort.

Are Prints Making You Appear Like You’re A Bit Fat?

When prints are concerned, there are many different kinds of prints. Most obvious examples were the vertical and horizontal stripes, which give the illusion of size. The other prints that are bold and busy are also a problem when you’re trying to come up by presenting your outfit as one size smaller or even two sizes smaller than what it actually is.

Be sure to select the right print is vital in making this style faux pas less apparent. The less obvious choices for spot-on designs are vertical and subtle tones that are a good match with your body’s contours instead of distracting from it.


The attire you choose is contingent on the shape of your body, and the event. If you’re attending an official dinner it is essential to choose the best attire that will be a well-fitted dress.


If you’re attending an event with friends then you should consider loose or flared dress styles. For occasions, dress in an ethnic attire. Other than the ones mentioned above options, you can also put on an outfit that is designer.

Shalwar Kameez is traditional Indian attire for women that is worn throughout India and has now become an edgy fashion within India. In some parts of India women wear Shalwar kameez in the form of daytime attire, and in some regions it is typically worn as a dress.

The outfit is extremely easy to put on and comes in a wide range of fabrics patterns, colors, and fashion. If you’re thinking about buying a Shalwar kameez, and desire to appear slim in it, you can do so by wearing a slimmer silhouette.

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