Changing trends from Diesel Drives to Electric drives in Mobile Crushers & screens

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Good news for everyone! The construction industry is driven by something new and trendy.

Diesel-hydraulic systems have long been the standard, particularly in heavy construction and quarrying. Although performance and productivity have consistently surpassed expectations, we have long been aware of diesel engines’ problems.

Diesel usage is expensive when there is constant heavy running. The direction of fuel prices and the state of the world today indicate that it is doubtful that diesel prices will decrease soon. Additionally, depending on the environment, diesel engines need extra maintenance. Diesel engines and diesel-hydraulic powertrains need regular monitoring and much more frequent maintenance intervals in a dusty or abrasive environment. This has the effect of increasing idle time and decreasing productivity. As a result, there will be less productivity and downtime and higher costs for lubricants, replacement filters, hose connections, and other weak points. Additionally, diesel drives require a lot of labor to operate, are noisy, and may cause heat problems.

This article is about the new trend from Diesel Drives to Electric drives in Mobile stone Crushers. So, let’s dive in!

Changing trends from Diesel Drives to Electric drives in Mobile Crushers & screens

Increasing energy efficiency, converting to renewable energy, decreasing the use of finite resources, lowering pollution and waste, and achieving significant reductions in emissions are major objectives for the sector globally. Achieving a low CO2 footprint and having emissions that are close to zero are already becoming important considerations when bidding for public projects in some regions of Europe.


More than 90% of the quarrying equipment in Norway is electrically powered. This unequivocally demonstrates why electricity is becoming a preferred energy source over Diesel. Operating equipment from the company’s Zero line offers the operator several advantages. Due to the substantial reductions in ownership costs and fuel savings of 40–70%, an initially higher price ticket is recovered in just a few years of operation.

This is large because electrically powered devices only have one main moving component, the drive shaft. As a result, there is a significantly decreased requirement for parts replacement, maintenance, and servicing. You gain from increased mechanical effectiveness and access to more torque to use for the machine’s main purpose.

Since a company’s intelligent plant control manages all functioning, operating the machines is made simpler. Using the satellite-based system incorporates multiple automated processes, thorough monitoring, and bidirectional communication of machine and production data.

Operating advantages of a company’s Zero technology in a nutshell:

  • Immediate savings due to a 40% to 70% reduction in gasoline costs.
  • Reduce spending on consumables, including hose seals, filters, lubricants, and oil.
  • Less downtime and maintenance hours.
  • Connect multiple electrically driven heavy machines from the Zero series to a single electrical energy source.
  • Satellite monitoring of all remotely controlled functions; less noise pollution.

Europe is far away from New Zealand. However, it does not shield us from the same surrounding pressures and expectations. In actuality, 20% of New Zealand’s carbon footprint is related to construction, according to a June 2021 white paper titled “Environmental problems, opportunities and transitions for construction in Aotearoa-New Zealand.”

The same analysis also noted a 66% rise in emissions from the building sector over the previous ten years, which is even more concerning. It has been demonstrated that proactively addressing the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) needs of markets will increase your company’s appeal to both domestic and foreign investors.

In 2020, 85% of investors will consider environmental, social, and governance factors when making investment decisions claims global analyst Gartner. Other definite benefits come from acting properly and in the long-term interests of communities and the environment.


Is electric equipment the future? Since diesel-hydraulic systems have been the standard for so long, is there a better option for quarries in New Zealand now that fuel prices are rising and pollution regulations are getting stricter? If you want to know more about mobile stone crushers, reach out to E-track for all your needs, one of the leading crusher manufacturers in India.

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