Custom Pizza Slice Boxes: Safe And Unique Packaging Style

Custom Pizza Slice Boxes Safe And Unique Packaging Style

With the passage of time, customization of packaging is becoming popular. Mainly food businesses prefer custom packages as it allows them to get the desired shape and size of packaging. Custom pizza slice boxes are one such example.

Slice packaging was rare a few years ago. But as the competition is increasing among pizza restaurants, food businesses are looking towards different ways to improve their product sales. This is one of the reasons slice shaped boxes are gaining popularity. 

Pizza slice packaging is unique and high quality packaging that provides a wide range of benefits. Slice shape boxes look attractive, retain the taste and freshness of the pizza, and help the company in easy branding. 

Why Are Custom Pizza Slice Boxes Popular? 

Wholesale custom Pizza slice boxes are used to give an appropriate package that helps retain the pizza’s quality during transit. Pizza is adequately protected by these boxes as it does not allow the pizza to jiggle inside the box, resultantly the pizza toppings and crust remain in their original place. 

Furthermore, these boxes help create a striking look for your product. The triangle shape of the boxes makes the theme unique and allows customers to enjoy different flavors of pizzas without spending much. 

Custom printed pizza slice boxes allow companies to design the boxes with unique artwork. These features make slice shape packaging a popular style. 

Pizza Slice Boxes And Product Safety 

We know that the primary purpose of packaging is to protect from physical and other hazards like pressure, temperature variations, moisture, and microbes. All types of packaging can ensure this, then why specifically invest in custom slice boxes? 

Let us comprehensively discuss the safety aspect of custom fast food boxes wholesale:

  • You Can Select the Exact Size Of Packaging 

With the help of customization, you can order your box in any size. If you use general packaging, it may be challenging to find a befitting box. Nonetheless, with the customization, you fully get this chance. 

  1. You Can Use A High Quality Material 

In addition to packaging size, the material used in packaging production is also crucial. A poor quality material will degrade the quality of your pizza slice. If you use generic boxes, you can not ensure the quality of your packaging. 

But if you use custom packaging, you are fully authorized to select material of top-notch quality. For instance, you can choose from kraft, cardboard, or corrugated material for the finest quality pizza slice packaging. 

  1. You Can Add Insulation 

For additional security, you can add insulated material to your pizza boxes. These insulated materials can be of synthetic origin or natural origin. For instance, if you want to choose the synthetic material polyurethane, polystyrene, etc. Similarly, for natural alternatives, cellulose, wood fiber, etc.  

  1. You Can Choose A Food Grade Material 

You can use food grade materials to avoid the negative health impacts of packaging. A non-food grade material will cause different diseases to the consumers and discourage the customers from purchasing your pizzas. 

Pizza Slice Packaging Looks Unique 

Pizza slice packaging can look unique and different from other brands when you invest time and resources in personalizing designs. For unique wholesale pizza slice boxes, you can follow the mentioned steps below. 

  • Design And Printings

Add attractive designs on the top of your pizza slice boxes for a distinct look. Use high tech printing techniques for designing purposes. Off-set and digital printing types can help you design your slice shape box easily. 

  1. Color And Text

Most of the time, restaurants neglect proper colors in packaging. Colors play a significant role in increasing the attractiveness of packaging. In the same way, the font style and color of the text are also crucial in packaging. 

Use different colors for the background and text. On dark backgrounds, use light color text and vice versa. 

  1. Add-Ons 

Add-ons are used for extra protection and to give a stylish look to the packaging. Foiling, embossing, debossing, and spot U.V. are best for top-rate add-ons. 

  1. Finishings 

Box finishing is an additional step that is used by large businesses. A protective layer can be added to the box to keep the packaging new. Gloss lamination and glass lamination are commonly used for finishing. 


Custom pizza slice boxes are safe and have a unique packaging style. These boxes are in the shape of a triangle. This shape is suitable for slices of pizza. You can customize your pizza slice boxes to elevate your pizza sales. 

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