Beautiful Ways To Wear Jewellery With A Lehenga

Beautiful Ways To Wear Jewellery With A Lehenga

It’s reasonable to assume that, outside sarees, the most popular clothing in India is the exquisite and regal lehengas. Lehengas are a popular option for special events, especially weddings, and have become a staple of international fashion. But every piece of clothing is like a cake that requires a cherry on top to seem more beautiful. That cherry is jewellery for lehengas. So learning how to style jewels with lehengas should be on your must-do list for the approaching wedding season!

Lehengas may be used to create a wide range of beautiful appearances since they are adaptable clothing items that can be embroidered in a variety of ways. In addition to being adaptable, lehengas, like sarees, may accommodate practically every body type. There are many ways to dress this ensemble down or up, but the true game-changer (or game-breaker) is the jewellery chosen to go with the lehenga. Simple patterns might appear quite lovely depending on the jewels worn with them, while even the most exquisitely created and sewn lehenga can appear dowdy when worn with the incorrect jewellery.

What You Need To Wear With Lehenga Earrings If You Want To Wear Your Favourite Jewellery Lehenga And Elegant Jewellery

Most styles of earrings go well with lehengas, and you may pick lehenga jewellery with jewels that match the shade of your choli. Lehengas look extremely beautiful with Chandbali patterns. They exude a Mughal atmosphere and mood. You are not, however, required to stick to this style. Traditional jhumkas are an additional option.

Nose rings Remarkable Jewellery For Lehenga

Nose rings give lehengas a fashionable touch, regardless of your nose piercing status. To draw attention, you might wear a dramatic huge nose ring or a little nose pin. No, if you had a pierced nose, you wouldn’t leave it unadorned. Nose rings as lehenga jewellery If you wear one, you’ll definitely be the talk of the town because it adds that “extraness” to your outfit.

Bracelets and bangles Stunning Jewellery Lehengas have a unique pattern that will influence what you wear on your wrist. If you’ve put a lot of effort into your choli design, wearing understated bracelets will help you display it. On the other hand, if you have a plain lehenga, you may spice up and glam up your look with thick bangles. It’s important to keep in mind that the choli’s sleeve has a striking pattern of its own, so your bracelet or bangles shouldn’t be lost in the mix.

Necklaces Notable Jewellery That Goes Best With a Lehenga

Consider the neckline while selecting a necklace. Necklaces should go well with bracelets and earrings. Chokers are popular since the quality of the craftsmanship done on the lehenga is not compromised. Consider minimising the other jewellery you are wearing if you are wearing a choker necklace sets. A layered beaded “mala” necklace, as an alternative, looks as gorgeous with a lehenga and will give you the appearance of a desi traditional girl.

Rings: Stunning Jewellery for Lehengas

Because you are wearing a lehenga, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice having fun with your jewellery. The jewellery for lehenga is likely to provide a sense of elegance to your outfit, even while rings might not capture the eye due to the lehenga or necklace. Regardless of how basic the gold band is, it will not detract from the elegance of the attire or accessories.

Additional Advice For Maximising Your Jewellery With Lehenga

The Key Is Contrast

Many women believe that matching their jewellery to their lehenga will completely finish their appearance. To make the strongest message, play around with contrast, even though it may appear nice in some situations. Wearing your pink lehenga with emeralds as opposed to rubies would make it appear more dramatic and exquisite. Additionally, each item receives the attention it deserves when you contrast the colours of your jewels and lehenga.

The Necklines of Blouses Matter

Another crucial component of matching jewels to your lehenga is to base your choice on the neckline of your blouse. Chokers are an excellent option if the neckline of your blouse is low. An elevated blouse neckline, however, looks best with long, layered necklaces like the rani haar or with no jewellery at all.

Kamarbandh for Extra Pounds

Recently, it has become fairly popular to wear anything around your waist while wearing a lehenga, and we should thank our South Indian brides for starting the trend in the first place! Despite being conventional and made of gold, it is not the only choice. There are several ways to wear this specific necklace with a lehenga, from the contemporary waist belt to the flowery skirt belt. They hold your dupatta in place and look fantastic too!

It needs a certain talent to select jewels that would look good with an Indian costume, such as a saree or lehenga.  Make sure your accessories don’t clash with your clothing or one another. Whatever you decide, everything should match, from the metal to the diamonds to the aesthetic. Come on, wonderful girls, dare to play around with your appearance by pairing lehengas with your gorgeous jewels.

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