9 Best Traps In Meet Your Maker, Ranked


Here are the nine best traps in Meet Your Maker that players should exploit to their advantage, rated from worst to best.

Since the debut of the post-apocalyptic raid-and-build title Meet Your Maker, gamers have been in a frenzy. Meet Your Maker, developed by Behaviour Interactive, the creator of Dead By Daylight, allows players to be the puppet and puppeteer as they choose to attack outposts for materials or create their own deathtrap to collect victims in.

Humanity has been wiped out, and the only remnants of the now-diseased civilization are a slew of closely guarded outposts storing Genmat, or genetic material, a highly sought-after resource. As a Custodian, players are entrusted with gathering Genmat by raiding other players’ bases and constructing their own outposts to secure resources. Each outpost will give a distinct challenge due to the architecture and distribution of guards and traps. With traps being such an important component of the game, players should become acquainted with their arsenal.

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